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The Shorty Interview
with Steve Dustcircle
What's your best tweet?
Follow Fridays - spread the love
What are six things you could never do without?
coffee, cigars, music, books, DVDs, Wife
How do you use Twitter in your professional life?
links to my Facebook, ReverbNation & Myspace - My music and writing on the side
What's your favorite Twitter app?
Twitter or Facebook?
What was the funniest trend you've seen?
People treating it like Facebook. Tweet: ''is going outside''
What feature should Twitter add?
Connect to other social networks, like Mixx, Digg or Reddit
Who do you wish had a Twitter feed but doesn't?
Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, A Perfect Getaway, The 5th Element)
What are some words or phrases you refuse to shorten for brevity?
Is there someone you want to follow you who doesn't already? If so, who?
Rob Zombie
Have you ever unfollowed someone? Who and why?
Tweeting about mundane, irrelevant things they do
Why should we vote for you?
I post the best of culture, current events, controversy and weird news
Terms you wish would start trending on Twitter right now?
#weeklyidiot #dailymoron
What's the most interesting connection you've made through Twitter?
Hashtag you created that you wish everyone used?
How do you make your tweets unique?
[Topic] My message follows its category ---> http://arrow2HTML.tag #hashtag (opinion)
What inspires you to tweet?
Culture and its silly inhabitants
Ever get called out for tweeting too much?
140 characters of advice for a new user?
Find something that sets you apart. Find your niche. And stay current. I unfollow people who haven't posted for awhile.
How long can you go without a tweet?
2 hours
What question are we not asking here that we should?
''Who should join Twitter that is relevant to society or culture?''
Who do you admire most for his or her use of Twitter?
Why'd you start tweeting?
Today in History postings
Has Twitter changed your life? If yes, how?
I realized that what I thought was interesting, others found it so, also.
What do you wish people would do more of on Twitter?
Opinions in (parentheses)
How will the world change in 2010?
More small businesses, big business and banking on the outs...
What are some big Twitter faux pas?
Follow Fridays
What will the world be like 10 years from now?
1-unit Entertainment Systems that combine stereos, computers, tv & toasters