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lil duval

lil duval

FOR BOOKING EMAIL [email protected]
Dominique Braxton
Dominique Braxton @lilduval if u make #you a trending topic u should win a shorty award lol
 Lecia Wright♫
Lecia Wright♫ #YOU better vote for @lilduval in the Shorty Awards or #I know something...
Amy Jurkofsky
Amy Jurkofsky @lilduval #you are hilarious & #you should win the shorty award!
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3 votes in you
3,566 votes in humor
27 votes in comedy
25 votes in itinerarytweet
19 votes in celebrity


Andy Koehn

Andy Koehn

Learning lessons and a bit of humor in the midst of some heavy sh*t
Kimi Schmitz
Kimi Schmitz @thirty_seconds Hi Andy! 16th? on the #ShortyAwards... proud of #YOU!!! I'm spending time playing on #twitter when there's #housework2bDONE!
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16 votes in literature
1 vote in egocentric