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marlon wayans

marlon wayans

Don't take anything I say personal in negativity. I am here to bring light and smiles to your life and heart. LIVE LOVE LAFF
Kayla Velasquez
Kayla Velasquez #waystoannoypeople = I nominate @marlonlwayans for a Shorty Award in #humor because he's on his grown ishh
Brandon Edwards
Brandon Edwards #WaysToAnnoyPeople begg them to vote for u for a shorty award!!! @MARLONLWAYANS LOL
David Reese
David Reese #waystoannoypeople only tweet about the shorty awards until you get a shorty @MARLONLWAYANS lol it's all love fam
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Aileen Rippon

Aileen Rippon

Pink Leopard Printy bleach blonde with more shoes than sense.
The shpakOO
The shpakOO #waystoannoypeople repeatedly nominate yourself for the Shorty Award ;) right, @Mofette ? xo
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