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Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton

Author of the Anita Blake Series and Merry Gentry Series of novels
Joan Kearney
Joan Kearney I nominate @LKHamilton for a Shorty Award in #vampire because... there is nothing sexer than Anita's head vampire, Jean
Kristen Murphy
Kristen Murphy I nominate @lkhamilton for a Shorty Award in #vampire because...she has the sexiest vampires
Hostgator Coupon
Hostgator Coupon I nominate @LKHamilton for a Shorty Award in #vampire because: Hands down, nobody's vampires are as awesome as hers!
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13 votes in vampire
122 votes in art
30 votes in literature
21 votes in books
4 votes in flirting




Sometimes funny, always flirty, occasionally deep, rarely smart. Try not to take me too serious
j a c k i e
j a c k i e I nominate @HOTTVampChick for a Shorty Award in #vampire because...she's always ready for a bite. ;)
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1 vote in vampire


Cailee Stevenson
Cailee Stevenson I nominate @laurellkhamilton for a Shorty Award in #vampire because... she written the best vampires JC and Asher
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1 vote in vampire
3 votes in literature
2 votes in books
1 vote in art


1 vote in vampire
4 votes in music
1 vote in humanoid
1 vote in dancemusic
1 vote in musica