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lil duval

lil duval

FOR BOOKING EMAIL [email protected]
N K I R U K A. Iqwe.
N K I R U K A. Iqwe. @lilduval is goin to win a shorty award #uselessfacts.
uʍoɹq ǝuʎɐʍp
uʍoɹq ǝuʎɐʍp #uselessfacts @lilduval is happy about being in 1st place for the Shorty Awards, even though u dont win SHIT for 1st place
Jalynn RT #uselessfacts im in 1st place in the shorty awards. and im happy but dont know why http://shortyaward... @lilduval)
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8 votes in uselessfacts
3,566 votes in humor
27 votes in comedy
25 votes in itinerarytweet
19 votes in celebrity


Denzel Adams

Denzel Adams

Nicole Askew
Nicole Askew I nominate @santomcdopeness for a Shorty Award in #uselessfacts because...he's pretty useless
NaTasha Purefoy
NaTasha Purefoy I nominate @SANTOMcDopeness for a Shorty Award in #uselessfacts because...he dserves (think i messed up the first vote)
Denzel Adams
Denzel Adams I nominate @SantoMcdopeness for a Shorty Award in #uselessfacts because...i think i deserve 2 win an obscureshortyaward
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3 votes in uselessfacts
2 votes in egocentric


melanie grant
melanie grant I nominate @LILDUVALL for a Shorty Award in #uselessfacts because...THEY HAVE ME CRACKIN UP ALL DAY AND ITS ACTUALLY IN
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1 vote in uselessfacts
4 votes in humor
1 vote in nonprofit
1 vote in whatarethechances
1 vote in blameitoncongress