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marlon wayans

marlon wayans

Don't take anything I say personal in negativity. I am here to bring light and smiles to your life and heart. LIVE LOVE LAFF
Alexandria Hention
Alexandria Hention Shorty Award goes to..RT @MARLONLWAYANS: #uknowurbreathstink when people start checking the bottoms of their shoes for shit whenever u speak
Jena Scheepers
Jena Scheepers Yo @MARLONLWAYANS is running #uknowurbreathstink :D Vote for him in the humour category for the Shorty Awards!!! NOW!!!
Phillip Lewis
Phillip Lewis Ummm @MARLONWAYANS is going in on #uknowurbreathstink and its hilarious!!! He deserves the Shorty award (wateva that is lol)
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