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Jaap Meijers

Jaap Meijers

Journalist, webontwikkelaar en ideeënmachine. I ♥ @A_riana, @twisst, iPhone, infographics, media & non-profit.
DLR_de Shorty Awards: #Twisst ISS alerts braucht noch Stimmen http://shortyaward... /via @tjaap
DLR - English
DLR - English Shorty Awards: Please vote for #Twisst ISS alerts http://bit.ly/9Vii... /via @tjaap
Michel Schep
Michel Schep @tjaap zijn de stemhokjes al open? #shortyawards #twisst #iss
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Twisst ISS alerts

Twisst ISS alerts

Get alerts from this twitter account when international space station (ISS) will be passing over your exact location. Astronomy, science, @tjaap.
Brainhours Press release Shorty Awards @twisst: http://twisst.nl/p... (dutch) #twisst #iss #science #shortywards
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