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marlon wayans

marlon wayans

Don't take anything I say personal in negativity. I am here to bring light and smiles to your life and heart. LIVE LOVE LAFF
Manny Fresh
Manny Fresh @marlonLwayans Please Vote for Marlon Wayans for the Shorty Award!!! #translation I don't care if he wins he never Retweets my Shit anyways!
Chrisney Hull
Chrisney Hull ADM! Shorty award *** I'm done! RT @MARLONLWAYANS: i'm not really into anal #translation I ate a burger and I dont want to shit on your dick
Keona M
Keona M @MARLONLWAYANS i know yall tired of me #translation but vote I'm being nominated 4 A Shorty award
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why try to fit in when you're a standout
Joe @mousebudden comedians: yo im funny #translation vote for me on the shorty awards......please!
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Corey Moore Jr
Angel i give a shorty award to @yungmemph lol ..... #translation MIND YA F'N BUSINESS!!
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