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Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Collaboration consultant & thought leader; passion for learning, complexity & social innovation; chief instigator behind #smchat & #ecosys
Cassandra Branson
Cassandra Branson I nominate @SourcePOV for a Shorty Award in #smchat & #ecosys because they aim to make a difference!
I ♥ Tokyo!
I ♥ Tokyo! RT @jkloren: #smchat crew. Let's say "thanks" to @SourcePOV + get him a Shorty Award for SocialMedia: http://bit.ly/Shor... Please RT!
Dean Meyers
Dean Meyers @sourcepov I'd like to see you get that Shorty award! #smchat
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26 votes in socialmedia
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Chris Jones
Chris Jones @heavens_silver @terri3111 @dc2fla & #smchat Thanks for the promo RT's & votes for a #shorty in #socialmedia .. honored t/b #1
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