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Proud Pro-Israel Jew. Activist. Creator of the Jewish Internet Defense Force. Into the Eternal, music, film, politics, religion, writing, and more...
Remi Kanazi
Remi Kanazi If you hate Muslims, Obama for being Muslim, Arabs or non-muslim Indians who "look" like Obama or Muslims: vote #racist @JIDF 4 Shorty Award
Majd AlShihabi
Majd AlShihabi I nominate @JIDF for a Shorty Award in #racist because he is not seeing the harm he's causing Jews and Palestinians.
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2 votes in racist
1,036 votes in politics
113 votes in nonprofit
47 votes in 1
21 votes in terrorist


Jillian C. York

Jillian C. York

I talk about digital activism, free expression, politics, and media, & the Arab World. I work on @GlobalVoices and at @BerkmanCenter on @Herdict & @OpenNet.
Noah David Simon
Noah David Simon RT @TheBagels: @JillianCYork should we assume you knew the #ShortyAwards were #racist? re: http://ff.im/f4agb
BAGELS @JillianCYork should we assume you knew the #ShortyAwards were #racist? re: http://ff.im/f4agb
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