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Charlotte La Bouff

Charlotte La Bouff

Princess of the great city of New Orleans, dreamin' fairy tale dreams.
Gary Stu
Gary Stu I nominate @Lottie_LaBouff for a Shorty Award in #princess she's got more tiaras than anyone I know!
Kt Obermanns
Kt Obermanns I nominate @Lottie_LaBouff for a Shorty Award in #princess because she'd make a great one!
Nami De'Igoby
Nami De'Igoby I nominate @Lottie_LaBouff for a Shorty Award in #princess because, well there are so many reasons twitter would explode.
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Author, Editor, Interviewer, Genre Chick, Fairy Princess, Geek
Jacqui Sue-Ping
Jacqui Sue-Ping I nominate @AletheaKontis for a Shorty Award in #princess because the sparkly tiara fits her to a 'T' :)
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