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marlon wayans

marlon wayans

Don't take anything I say personal in negativity. I am here to bring light and smiles to your life and heart. LIVE LOVE LAFF
Deborah Dopp
Deborah Dopp Ax n @MarlonLWayans how much he gonna pay u for ur Shorty Awards vote #nowthatsghetto
Kathy de Ramos
Kathy de Ramos @MARLONLWAYANS's #NowTHATSGhetto jokes are HILARIOUS .. #FF him .. If you love 'em too, vote for him for a Shorty Award in #humor & #comedy.
Tamika D. Onley
Tamika D. Onley @MARLONLWAYANS bringin ur own hot sauce/ranch to a restuarant #nowthatsghetto! Btw: jus voted for u for the shorty award!!
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Gette Sands

Gette Sands

`its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring! Follow my amazing` journey ♥ && remember good girls seldom make history! ;)
Avriel Epps
Avriel Epps @roggieXoxo @min7yfr3sh I feel that way because, #nowTHATSghetto and Shorty Award were trending topics yesterday.
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