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Carol Celico

Carol Celico

Esposa, mae, cristã e algumas coisinhas mais...
Dhienda Hasan
Dhienda Hasan I recommend @cacelico in the Shorty Award category #narradoraoficial because shes perfect in every way
Fernanda I vote for @cacelico for a Shorty Award in #narradoraoficial because... i not sei rrsss
Hostgator Coupon
Hostgator Coupon I nominate @cacelico for a Shorty Award in #narradoraoficial porque ele faz um bom trabalho narrando jogos
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6 votes in narradoraoficial
5 votes in celebrity
2 votes in sports
1 vote in egocentric


Georgina Silva

Georgina Silva

cacelico Translated
cacelico Translated (ReTweeting @GeorgiSilva) I nominate @cacelico for a Shorty Award in #narradoraoficial cause she was an awesome narrator...
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1 vote in narradoraoficial