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Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

i swear it's me. if i had time to create a fake twitter i'd be brittany, the pig-squealing youtube phenom.
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2 votes in musi
2,169 votes in music
49 votes in humor
48 votes in celebrity
8 votes in innovation


Ivete Sangalo

Ivete Sangalo

Twitter Oficial da cantora brasileira Ivete Sangalo. Twitter atualizado pela própria Ivete e pela equipe do seu site.
Brenno #shortyawards @ivetesangalo not accepted because of palm oil makes the crowd jump and stay arretado as she does with her #musi
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1 vote in musi
2,077 votes in music
2,036 votes in celebrity
555 votes in design
549 votes in customerservice




I sing in a band called Family Force 5 and create havok!!!
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1 vote in musi
3 votes in music
2 votes in bestsinger
1 vote in weird


1 vote in musi
710 votes in music
148 votes in celebrity
73 votes in apps
20 votes in humor