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Donna M

Donna M

Jazz ♫ podcaster/blogger. Foodie. Global citizen. EPL fan. Beach bunny. Fond of nature, birds, animals and moolah! :D
MonetCherise I vote for @elementsofjazz for a Shorty Award in #jazz because she is infinitely informative & committed 2 jazz!
Hostgator Coupon
Hostgator Coupon I nominate @ElementsOfJazz for a Shorty Award in #jazz because of her support for jazz and musicians.
Juan-Carlo HERNANDEZ @ElementsOfJazz thanks for the RT's dear Donna ! and this shorty awards ?? #jazz #photos #photoblog
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Curtis Davenport

Curtis Davenport

PD of Curt's Cafe WebJazz Radio. Columnist for Jazz Inside magazine. Husband, Dad, Jazz Fan. Friend of God.
Elli Fordyce
Elli Fordyce I nominate @curtjazz for a Shorty Award in #jazz because of his programming, blogging & support of tweeting musicians.
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