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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

www.BieberFever.com Request my single SOMEBODY TO LOVE featuring USHER!! and thank you for making a dream come true. MY WORLD 2.0 - Get that!!
Sarah Duerden
Sarah Duerden #itsofficial that @justinbieber is hardly ever out of the TT's :L &he should win this #Shorty'Award for saying shawty'so perfectly ;)♥ lol
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1 vote in itsofficial
981 votes in music
130 votes in celebrity
88 votes in sexiness
43 votes in humor


Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker #ItsOfficial Justin Bieber IS the Shorty Award! And it goes to @BgirlShorty
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2 votes in other
1 vote in art
1 vote in design


Stevee Anderson

Stevee Anderson

take me as i am
Stevee Anderson
Stevee Anderson RT @iRomance_: #itsofficial @Truebeauty189 got the Shorty Award of the Week
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