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lil duval

lil duval

FOR BOOKING EMAIL [email protected]
Miss Brea Babie
Miss Brea Babie @lilduval Lil Duval's favorite line: Vote 4 Me To Win The Shorty Awards or Else Imma Do #itinerarytweets 4 A Whole Month If I Loose.
Amber M
Amber M @lilduval let me not win the shorty awards I'm gon tweet nothin but bible scriptures & #itinerarytweets<oh this is a joke>glad i dont follow
nik d
nik d My timeline was already filled wit #itinerarytweets, I don't need em from @lilduval 2! Sumbdy go vote 4 him for the shorty awards!!
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27 votes in comedy
25 votes in itinerarytweet
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