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Gary Stu

Gary Stu

I'm 21, @angrymonarch's top hench. I like video games, movies, reading, and meeting new people! Star Wars is freeking awesome, dude.
Henry Abrams
Henry Abrams I nominate @numbertwentyone for a Shorty Award in #Henchman because he's just that awesome :)
Christo King
Christo King I nominate @numbertwentyone for a Shorty Award in #Henchman because he's da coolest
Alice Weaver
Alice Weaver I nominate @numbertwentyone for a Shorty Award in #henchman because he is a true man among henchmen.
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33 votes in henchman
4 votes in henchmen
3 votes in best_henchman
2 votes in celebrity
1 vote in egocentric


Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones I nominate @numbertwentyfour for a Shorty Award in #henchman because... I love my memorial t-shirt with him on.
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1 vote in henchman


Christo King

Christo King

PirateKingChris from the PRoV.
Gary Stu
Gary Stu I nominate @MonarchHench49 for a shorty award in #Henchman because he's a swell, devoted guy.
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