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Since the turn of the century, size? has been at the forefront of bringing the freshest sneaks and garms to the footwear fanatics of the UK and now the world!
Raquel Garcia
Raquel Garcia RT: @sizeupdates u want 2 be in with a chance to win some AJ VI's then tweet #Givemethepain! Also, put us up for a Shorty Award! #FF
Jolene Fairs
Jolene Fairs @sizeupdates #Givemethepain ...and the Shorty award (should) goes to... Size? ! for all their hard work in keepin my feet lookin goooooooood
Daniel Langhorn
Daniel Langhorn By the power of Twitter, i need you all to nominate @sizeupdates for a Shorty Award and Tweet #Givemethepain! Then i swear i'll stop RT-ing
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