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Mrs Stephen Fry

Mrs Stephen Fry

Stephen's poor, downtrodden wife & mother of his five or six kids.
Stefan Linnemann
Stefan Linnemann I nominate @MrsStephenFry for a Shorty Award in humor, because otherwise she'll Get Shirty. #Frys
fryfan20 RT @zym2222 @MrsStephenFry for a Shorty Award at #frys Pls RT
nancy @MrsStephenFry for a Shorty Award at #frys Pls RT
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3 votes in frys
1,097 votes in humor
7 votes in food
3 votes in celebrity
3 votes in egocentric




Psychology student, mediocre donkey imitator, Stephen Fry's nemesis on Wednesdays, owner of a fluffy penguin, stand-up philosopher & bartender at Fry's.
Derry Griffin
Derry Griffin @pariism Shorty Award - not sure if I did, but I'll do it now #frys
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6 votes in other
3 votes in humor
1 vote in art
1 vote in customerservice