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lil duval

lil duval

FOR BOOKING EMAIL [email protected]
Ty  Ji'Herry Tyger
Ty Ji'Herry Tyger Well @lilduval Voting ends today for the shorty awards... maybe you'll win next year #evl
Black Boi aka Webbie
Black Boi aka Webbie @lilduval Dis Nigga @MarlonWayans Got TWO Accounts On Da Shorty Award...and BOTH Of Em Beatin @KevinHart4real #EVL
Kerletha Daugherty
Kerletha Daugherty @lilduval is it a coincidence you want to get nominated for a "shorty award" but not because you are "short"...#evl
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4 votes in evl
3,566 votes in humor
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25 votes in itinerarytweet
19 votes in celebrity


marlon wayans

marlon wayans

Don't take anything I say personal in negativity. I am here to bring light and smiles to your life and heart. LIVE LOVE LAFF
Natalie @MARLONLWAYANS awe, don't be sad it's "shorty" award. You in blockbuster movies. @lilduval #evl
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