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Claudia Leitte

Claudia Leitte

www.claudialeitte.com.br Acesse o site e conheça #FAMO$A, o novo single da cantora.
Lud Lima
Lud Lima I nominate @ClaudiaLeitte for a Shorty Award in #customeservice because... She's the best!
Anna Elize Iglezias
Anna Elize Iglezias #shortyawards @claudialeitte #customeservice The Best Singer of Brazil!!
Anna Elize
Anna Elize #shortyawards @claudialeitte #customeservice The Best Singer of Brazil!!
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16 votes in customeservice
941 votes in design
830 votes in celebrity
622 votes in customerservice
590 votes in music


Ivete Sangalo

Ivete Sangalo

Twitter Oficial da cantora brasileira Ivete Sangalo. Twitter atualizado pela própria Ivete e pela equipe do seu site.
João Carlos Viana
João Carlos Viana #shortyawards @ivetesangalo #customeservice because... shes the best singer
Graziela Morais
Graziela Morais #shortyawards @ivetesangalo #customeservice because... i love u
Lima #shortyawards @ivetesangalo #customeservice because... ela faz a galera entrar no clima, no clima do amor e na base do bjo
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3 votes in customeservice
2,077 votes in music
2,036 votes in celebrity
555 votes in design
549 votes in customerservice