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Derby QUAD

Derby QUAD

QUAD is a cinema, gallery, café bar and workshop on the Market Place in Derby, UK
Julian Hawksworth
Julian Hawksworth RT @derbyquad: Do you like @derbyquad 's tweets? Then vote for us in the Shorty Awards http://shortyaward... under #culturalinstituti ...
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London Symphony Orch

London Symphony Orch

Full-on symphony orchestra based in London UK and the world. LSO tweeters are Jo (website), Gav (LSO Live), Gareth (Flute), Jemma (Orch man)
Jonathan Storey
Jonathan Storey RT @londonsymphony: RT @shortyvotes: @londonsymphony, you were nom'd by @shun_ng (and 9 others) for a Shorty Award in #culturalinstituti ...
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