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Encourage, Enlighten and Empower
Nunya Bazznazz
Nunya Bazznazz I nominate @iluvblackwomen for a Shorty Award in #blck because...his tweets are informative & uplifting
Blessed I nominate @iluvblackwomen for a Shorty Award in #blck because he started the movement.
Stuart Tracte
Stuart Tracte I nominate @iluvblackwomen for a Shorty Award in #blck because he's the real deal.
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10 votes in blck
127 votes in culturalinstitution
8 votes in blackness
7 votes in blacknews
1 vote in journalist


Elon James White

Elon James White

I Spits game like my name is Hasbro! #FallBackSon #YesIDidHashtagMyBio #TisHowIdo #YesIdidUseTheWordTis...
DinkyShop Umm, there's a Shorty Award for "Blackness" .. does @elonJames know about this?? ;-) http://shortyaward... #blck
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1 vote in blck
24 votes in blackness
2 votes in humor