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Christian Beadles

Christian Beadles

if u dont get a reply, keep tweeting but sorry i dont follow spammers. if your tweet has a number beside it its probably spam bahaha
Faye Winstanley
Faye Winstanley I recommend @LittlecBeadles in the Shorty Award category #beingamazing because hes such a down to earth guy love you CB
chelsey richardson
chelsey richardson I recommend @LittlecBeadles in the Shorty Award category #beingamazing because...
Hostgator Coupon
Hostgator Coupon I nominate @littlecbeadles for a Shorty Award in #BeingAmazing because he is and hes awesome:)
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2 votes in beingamazing
1 vote in humor


kat fitzgerald

kat fitzgerald

The Energizer Kat
Livingston Smith
Livingston Smith I nominate @rnbwkat for a Shorty Award in #beingamazing because...well, what DOESN'T she do?!?!
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