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Tree Lobsters!

Tree Lobsters!

You can't prove they don't exist.
B. Austin Price
B. Austin Price I recommend @treelobsters in the Shorty Award category #arborealseafoodwebcomic because: lobsters, in trees, with facts
Sally Barnes
Sally Barnes I recommend @treelobsters in the Shorty Award category #arborealseafoodwebcomic because they're absolutely fucking epic
Camilo that's enough
Camilo that's enough I vote for @treelobsters for a Shorty Award in #arborealseafoodwebcomic because.
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33 votes in arborealseafoodwebcomic
1 vote in egocentric


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Simon Ayesse
Simon Ayesse I nominate @parishilton for a Shorty Award in #arborealseafoodwebcomic because it will be funny if she wins
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1 vote in arborealseafoodwebcomic
7 votes in celebrity
5 votes in music
1 vote in brand
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Mauro I nominate @treelobstersfor a Shorty Award in #arborealseafoodwebcomic because they have laser swords.
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