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Julio Ricardo Varela

Julio Ricardo Varela

Papi of #vivaviernes. Publisher, marketer, dad. Harvard '90. Hope for Knicks, Arsenal and Sox.
ivette_mls RT @ergeekgoddess: @julito77 is now #12 in #shortyawards for #innovation. Let's take him and #vivaviernes to number 1! http://tinyurl.c ...
Elianne Ramos
Elianne Ramos @julito77 is now #12 in #shortyawards for #innovation. Let's take him and #vivaviernes to number 1! http://tinyurl.com...
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2 votes in 12
34 votes in innovation
5 votes in vivaviernes
2 votes in smallbusiness
1 vote in egocentric


David Thorne

David Thorne

Amongst my qualities, which include reciting prime numbers backwards from 90956, reading to blind children & training seals, embellishment may be at the top.
Sheridan Jobbins
Sheridan Jobbins @27bslash6 there you go... you're equal #12 on Shorty Award nominations.
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2,044 votes in humor
212 votes in literature
7 votes in bribery
3 votes in egocentric