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5chw4r7z was nominated for a Shorty Award!

Cincinnati promoter, Downtown Zealot, overflowing with misguided opinions.

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56 votes in egocentric
2 votes in other
2 votes in 2
1 vote in food
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5chw4r7z (5chw4r7z on Twitter) was nominated for a Shorty Award(You can still submit a vote for fun, but the actual contest is over)

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Alex hey @5chw4r7z, voting's closed and you're in 1st - did u win #egocentric? #shorty
Amanda Rosen
Amanda Rosen I nominate @5chw4r7z for the #shortyawards in the #egocentric category.. because who else would win it? Or who else *should* win it? No one.
drew laplante
drew laplante i vote for @5chw4r7z #shortyawards for #egocentric because he's pretty confident he's earned it...
Jacqui Killen
Jacqui Killen I vote for @5chw4r7z #shortyawards for #egocentric because I honestly don't think anyone else should have that award!
Kerrie Fasett-Olzak
Kerrie Fasett-Olzak Voting for @5chw4r7z in the #egocentric #shortyawards because he's watching us all from the tweetdeck.
Dani #shortyawards @5chw4r7z #egocentric He's kind of a big deal around here!
JaytheBigLug I vote for @5chw4r7z #shortyawards for #egocentric because he asked us to! :) (plz people, get yer vote out!)
mjenkins Voting for @5chw4r7z for a Shorty Award in #egocentric bc everyone knows he invented the Tweetdeck.
Steve @5chw4r7z that's a good one, but I think the shorty awards voting for #egocentric is already over lol
Andi I nominate @5chw4r7z for a Shorty Award in #egocentric because he's so cool he can't even shake my hand (ok, he had wing sauce on his) ;)
Sophias_Place RT @jamistutzman: #shortyawards @5chw4r7z #egocentric b/c he's big pimpin in the 'nati!
Erin Marie
Erin Marie #shortyawards @5chw4r7z #egocentric 'Cause he's more awesome than he thinks!
Jami Stutzman
Jami Stutzman #shortyawards @5chw4r7z #egocentric b/c he's big pimpin in the 'nati!
Scarimonious I nominate @5chw4r7z for a Shorty Award in #egocentric because...he does tihngs on Twitter, unlike other nominees.
Tom Callinan
Tom Callinan #shortyawards @5chw4r7z #egocentric because he covets Jim Tarbell's top hat and tails. #TheRealMayorofDowntown
Margy Waller
Margy Waller #shortyawards @5chw4r7z #egocentric because he's all that and it's his birthday - duh.
Bob Scott
Bob Scott I nominate @5chw4r7z for the #shortyawards because Cincy has no greater #egocentric tweets to be found.
Amy B
Amy B #shortyawards @5chw4r7z #egocentric because if you don't know him you probably don't venture much downtown.
Sibelius Simpleton
Sibelius Simpleton #shortyawards @5chw4r7z #egocentric because Jay Leno would have wanted it that way.
Curtis Inc
Curtis Inc I nominate @5chw4r7z for a Shorty Award in #egocentric because all cigars smell like @5chw4r7z
The Shorty Interview
with 5chw4r7z
What's your favorite Twitter app?
Have you ever unfollowed someone? Who and why?
Yes, usually out of boredom.
What's the most interesting connection you've made through Twitter?
I've made some really good IRL friends through twitter.
Ever get called out for tweeting too much?
Not yet although I'm always surprised I still have followers some days.
How long can you go without a tweet?
minutes, hours sometimes.
Why'd you start tweeting?
Harassed into it by friends.
How will the world change in 2010?
By the end of 2010 almost everything electronic will be network aware, will our refrigerators finally fill out grocery lists for us?